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New On Disc: Autumn Edition

INTERPOL Marauder (Matador) Overview: The sixth album by NYC's post-punk revivalists Interpol takes a less studio-complex approach, and was produced by David Fridmann (famous for his work with The Flaming Lips,  Sleater/Kinney and Mercury Rev , among others). Analysis: From the opening salvo, "If You Really Love Nothing" (with its acerbic, Morrissey -esque proclamations), it's clear Interpol are not only looser and ready to rock, singer Paul Banks  eschews his penchant for elliptical imagery, and speaks from a heartfelt, introspective approach that personalizes the songs more so than previous entries in the band's catalog. Never have these guys sounded so focused, energetic and sonically intriguing. And while the trio haven't quite abandoned the aural signposts of The Chameleons or Joy Division , they sound considerably less derivative here, and throw a variety of other genres into the mix, still anchored by a signature sound that is Ban

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