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The Twisted, Tortured Genius Of The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band [Part One]

Schizo? Probably. Genius? Definitely.

Peaceful people, offering opinions/Protesting what you sincerely know is wrong/Be ready, be ready/You will probably be beaten/You will probably be arrested, and questioned/Your beliefs will be twisted/Your rights will be forgotten/Be ready....”
The excerpt above is not a treatise concerning the recent goings on in Ferguson, Missouri – the tune was written some forty-plus years earlier. Those words are not only prescient in nature, but serve as a rude awakening that things in America have actually gotten worse, not better. The man behind those lyrics is Bob Markley, and the song in question is “In The Arena.”
It opens Side One of Volume 2: Breaking Through, the third album by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, but before we go any further, a little backstory is in order. Musicians Shaun and Danny Harris (bass and guitar respectively), along with Michael Lloyd (guitars), were three teenagers of marginal aptitude, whose songs tended to be boi…