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A Conversation With Dean Friedman (Continued)

It was 40 years ago this month.... 
Where We Last Left Off: I was asking Dean to reflect upon the current "politically correct" atmosphere, and the chaos it has wrecked on songwriters - more specifically: Should artists self-censor if the subject matter might be considered offensive, even if (as in the case of Randy Newman) that language is actually being used to make a salient, sociopolitical commentary?
DG: Speaking of Randy Newman, I wonder if he dares sing his classic tune "Rednecks" in concert anymore - does he perform it unapologetically, does he exclude it from his setlist, and if not, how does he get around the fact that his song's refrain is "we're keeping the niggers down"?
DF: I think in the case of Randy Newman, anyone who's familiar with his history and all his writing, and can grasp where he's coming from there, would give him a pass on that - on the other hand, I can see there might be certain situations where....not necessa…