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iPod Confidential: My Top Ten Tunes In Heavy Rotation

Here are the top ten songs in heavy rotation on my iPod this month:
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"Selling Out" by Duncan Sheik: Duncan Sheik's new album, the by turns mesmerizing and acerbic Legerdemain opens with this Coldplay-tinged commentary on contemporary music thats both lyrically spot-on (sample lyric: She says her night begins when the DJ spins/As if I don't know/You bought it all.....even when I was selling out") and catchy as all get-out. Love the Dave Evanseque guitar filigrees.
"Ready For Love" by Bad Company: I recently discovered that Mick Ralphs brought this Mott The Hoople song to the band for their self-titled debut on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label. While I am not familiar with the original, this "cover" is the best example of a blues-rock ballad. As the flip-side to the cocksureness of "Feel Like Makin' Love", "Ready For Love" sounds like the last futile plea of…