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Time/Life's "Music of 1968"'s Glaring Omission - "Head" by The Monkees

So I'm in my local supermarket's magazine aisle, when I come across this "special edition" of Time/Life's Music Of 1968, featuring....surprise - The Beatles on the cover, with the byline, "Rock and Roll's Greatest Year." I should be used to this self-aggrandizing hyperbole by now, especially from conglomerate publications such as the ones Time/Life puts out, but still, I'm a little flummoxed by the fact that the editors there would consider 1968 to be "Rock and Roll's Greatest Year" - it leads me to wonder if these guys/gals are likely members of Gen-X, and have no clue about the simultaneously tumultuous and psychedelicSummer of Lovewhich, by the way, happened in 1967 not 1968.
Nevertheless, for the sake of being entertained, I flipped through the pages and read the various articles. It didn't take long however, before the mag's editorial agenda revealed itself to be a patronizing acknowledgement of the contributions of w…