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WEEKEND RECAP: Lana Del Rey, Pop Tease; Let Us Now Praise Randy Newman

"My boyfriend's back, and he's cooler than ever/there's no more night, blue skies forever" whispers Lana Del Rey on the title track of her upcoming fifth album, getting high with a little help from The Weeknd, before crooning, "Take off, take off, take off all your clothes......" And there lies the walking contradiction that is Del Rey: she wants to embrace the girl-group ethos of the 60's, so much so, she isn't afraid to name check a song by The Angels, yet not content with that genre's innocence/naivete, she pushes the envelope by pleading for something a little more carnal. So when she says "A lust for life keeps us alive" you find yourself thinking less Iggy Pop, and more Claudine Longet. 
Actually, the Longet analogy is fitting on more levels than one might realize - strip away the contemporary sonic trappings, and you will find the simplicity of 60's pop ingenues Longet, Sinatra (Nancy) and even Petula Clark. The album&#…