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iPod Confidential: My Top Ten Tunes In Heavy Rotation

Here are the top ten songs in heavy rotation on my iPod this month:
this man's identity has been shielded for his own protection
"Selling Out" by Duncan Sheik: Duncan Sheik's new album, the by turns mesmerizing and acerbic Legerdemain opens with this Coldplay-tinged commentary on contemporary music thats both lyrically spot-on (sample lyric: She says her night begins when the DJ spins/As if I don't know/You bought it all.....even when I was selling out") and catchy as all get-out. Love the Dave Evanseque guitar filigrees.
"Ready For Love" by Bad Company: I recently discovered that Mick Ralphs brought this Mott The Hoople song to the band for their self-titled debut on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song label. While I am not familiar with the original, this "cover" is the best example of a blues-rock ballad. As the flip-side to the cocksureness of "Feel Like Makin' Love", "Ready For Love" sounds like the last futile plea of…

Tom Chapin on Idealism, Brotherly Love and Turning the Big 7-0

Tom Chapin doesn't look like how you would expect an idealistic, tree-hugging hippie of the 70's to be attired: no love beads, tie-dye or freak flag of a mane, but at age 70, the singer/songwriter/activist has lost none of his righteous indignation over injustice, nor his youthful optimism that things can change, if only we believe. But then, I wouldn't expect less from the man who got kids (and likely a few adults) to Make A Wishon tv in the early 70's. I sat down with Tom recently, to talk about the state of America, his sibling, the late Harry Chapin, and what it means to be an old folkie in the present-day musical landscape.

DG: I don't why it is, but it seems like decades from age 40 onward become "milestones" in a person's life, particularly us men. So tell me, did you have any grand epiphanies when you turned 70?

TC: The "grand epiphany" I came to was that "Seventy is the new '69"! The other epiphany came by way of my mo…

No Holds Barred With: Jordon Zadorozny, aka: Blinker The Star

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite bands, Blinker The Star is still making music: though no longer in the majors, BTS is nonetheless discovering new admirers everyday
through their official Bandcamp site. It was there I caught up on the band's recent output, and was able to get in touch with Jordon Zardorozny for an interview. We finally got a chance to sit down and talk about the music business today, Courtney Love (how could we not?), the watershed release, August Everywhere (a personal fave), current projects, and the meaning of life.

Just kidding on that last one, but we did discuss things that went beyond the confines of strictly
music, and I'm glad we did. It often inspired lively debate between us, but most often, it was
strange how we shared the same perspective on so many things. Too many things to fit into one
interview, so I will share our conversation in several installments over the course of the next several months.

David: I gotta admit,…