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Tom Chapin on Idealism, Brotherly Love and Turning the Big 7-0

Tom Chapin doesn't look like how you would expect an idealistic, tree-hugging hippie of the 70's to be attired: no love beads, tie-dye or freak flag of a mane, but at age 70, the singer/songwriter/activist has lost none of his righteous indignation over injustice, nor his youthful optimism that things can change, if only we believe. But then, I wouldn't expect less from the man who got kids (and likely a few adults) to Make A Wishon tv in the early 70's. I sat down with Tom recently, to talk about the state of America, his sibling, the late Harry Chapin, and what it means to be an old folkie in the present-day musical landscape.

DG: I don't why it is, but it seems like decades from age 40 onward become "milestones" in a person's life, particularly us men. So tell me, did you have any grand epiphanies when you turned 70?

TC: The "grand epiphany" I came to was that "Seventy is the new '69"! The other epiphany came by way of my mo…