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U2, Quicksand Offer Glimpses (Via Video) Of Their Upcoming Albums

So I'm sitting here, listening to "The Blackout" - a live performance video from the monolith known as U2, and two things immediately spring to mind: one, U2 still knows how to bring it in a concert setting (which should be surprising, given the Dublin foursome have been at this for nearly 40 years), and two, (and this part is gonna infuriate many) this new tune from the forthcoming Songs Of Experience wouldn't seem the least bit out of place on All You Need Is Now, the Mark Ronson-produced album by Duran Duran. You heard me.....I said Duran Duran. And I don't mean that as the pejorative you might think I'm suggesting.

When I reviewed DD's 2010 release, I subtitled it, How To Dismantle A Pop Myth. The U2 comparison then was also deliberate, as I was pointing out that both bands have a viscously loyal following - that is, so long as they adhere to the 'formula' their fans expect; as it turns out, both bands released a couple of daring, experimental…