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New On Disc: U2's "Innocence" Lost

Let's face it, it aint easy being U2 - the little Irish band who became self-anointed spokesmen for anthemic, idealist rock'n'roll. Well, the individual members may still retain that idealism, but it's hard to claim allegiance to innocence when you've become more than just a band, but a brand - indeed, one need only muse upon the (some would say unholy) alliance U2 made with media giant Apple as evidence of a corporate sensibility that never existed in their early days. God only knows how much money the band took in to proffer Songs Of Innocence as a free iTunes download prior to its official physical release, but you can bet it wasn't small change.
U2 went so far as to prostitute themselves via a 60-sec commercial for iTunes, where the band is seen performing in that psychedelic, image-painted style Apple used to promote it's iPod - and in case you missed the subtlety, the ad ends with a raised arm (as if in protest-mode) clutching an Apple device. Now, I…